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    Steel trade sales

    Full Attendance Award, Holiday benefits, High temperature subsidies, Staff travel, Performance Bonus, Year-end bonus, Meal allowance, Regular medical examinations

    Salary: Negotiable

    Location: Qinhuangdao

    Job: Full Time

    Experience: 3 - 5 years

    Minimum Education: College

    Hiring: 5 persons

    Job Category: Sales Representative

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.You are responsible for the signing of business contracts; market development and maintenance within the jurisdiction, new product development projects and business payment.

    2.Responsible strengthen relationships with customers, reception and returning

    3.Coordination with party business. And acceptance, service, track after delivery

    4.Be familiar with all kinds of materials required by the company and the market of the industry.

    5.You are responsible for negotiating and signing with the steel mills, and the establishment of joint venture partnership with the steel dealers.

    6.Timely follow-up contract orders delivery schedule and supplier delivery control and supervise over pay.


    1.25-45 years old, college education, for experienced, we will reduce the academic requirements;

    2.Have an understanding about the steel market. Possessive, toughness. Love sales career.

    Part-time clerk

    Salary: Negotiable

    Location: Qinhuangdao

    Job: Part Time

    Work Experience: Any

    Minimum Education: Any

    Hiring: 5 people

    Job Category: Sales Representative

    Part-time salesman:
    no basic salary, not imprisoned, resource sharing, profit divided into forty-six.


    1.You have a stable customer base and excellent end customers but do not have the supporting platform, we will give you support.

    2.You have the steel trade experience and understanding of the thick steel plate and hot rolled coil, you have the ability to work independently but have no right platform, we give you support.

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